Joyería Urbana, Diseño de joyería en plata .925

Sterling silver and gold plated jewelry can last a long time looking brand new. Nevertheless, they are pieces that require appropriate care to stay in the best shape possible.  We must remember that all metals react to the environment so it is normal to that they suffer changes as time goes by. Here are some tips for you to keep your pieces in the best shape possible.  


  • Keep your pieces out of water or substances that contain abrasive chemicals in them. These could be perfume, cream, makeup, hairspray, etc. We recommend to put your jewelry on just as you're ready to go out. 

  • Our gold and rose gold pieces are gold dipped, this means that a very thin layer of gold is attached to the piece to give it color. With this in mind, avoid scratching your piece. 

  • Clean your pieces with a 100% cotton rag.

  • We suggest you take your jewelry off before going to bed and avoid showering and swimming while you're wearing it. 

  • Everybody's PH is different, this might cause your pieces to tarnish faster. 

  • We recommend cleaning your pieces with a cotton rag after you take them off and store it in a dark, dry space. Keeping them in small ziplock bags is highly recommended. 


If you have any questions or need to refresh your pieces send us an email to to help you do it. 


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