Joyería Urbana, Diseño de joyería en plata .925

Joyeria Urbana is a premium corporate gift design agency based in Mexico City. The Company’s team of world-class designers are comprised of different personalities, likes and academic backgrounds with a common goal: providing clients with the highest quality design and end product to elevate and make their brand experience more memorable and engaging.


With more than 20 of years combined experience in jewelry, industrial, textile and graphic design, the Joyería Urbana team has the know-how to develop, manufacture and deliver concepts that make a client’s brand more memorable by transcending its practical purpose by becoming a work of art. The team has worked with major national and international brands.


With Joyería Urbana’s hand-crafted products, consumers will have a new and positive way to relate a company’s brand by receiving a high-quality and highly-valued product that transcends beyond its utilitarian purpose. This is achieved by the Company’s solid commitment to unique designs, premier quality materials and superior craftsmanship.


Each Joyería Urbana client receives the highest personalized attention. From understanding the product’s brand to the project’s objectives, clients are walked through every step of the design and manufacturing process. Through the entire project lifecycle, clients are ensured their final product is crafted to perfection.


There are no cookie cutter designs at Joyeria Urbana – no project is ever alike. Each creation is unique and built around the client’s needs and goals for that specific project.


Design proposals are guided by the client’s needs, brand objectives and project budgets. Joyeria Urbana provides a range of design, material and cost options for each project.


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